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Specialized in Signature and Handwriting

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Online Workshop on Signature and Handwriting

Why this workshop?

• To Know about the positive and negative traits in your signature

• To Know about your personality

“Edit your signature, Add positivity to your future aspects.”

Key Features of Workshop

• Understand basic aspects of the signature.

• Understand your signature.

• Think and analysis what you need from your signature.


Specialization :

• Handwriting and Signature Analysis

• Vedic Trainer

Qualification :


• Graphologist

• Vedic trainer

Experience :

5 years

About Instructor :

Sweety Kothari , A Graphologist and Vedic trainer conducting various signature analysis workshop and courses since last 3 years .With a vision to work for women empowerment She undertake teacher training program regarding handwriting improvement course, vedic maths, phonics, abacus and Faux Calligraphy and provide placement opportunity to many females as work from home earning opportunity.