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Painting Workshop ( Landscape Painting in Watercolour)

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Online Workshop on Painting Workshop ( Landscape Painting in Watercolour)

USP of the workshop:

• Learn landscape painting in Watercolour.

• Combination of basic to advance learning.

• Secrets techniques to make your artwork eye catchy.

• Recorded session of the workshop

• Best painting displayed in our web platformfor sale.


Specialization :

Fine art painter and professional photographer

Qualification :

• BFA (Painting)

• Certified photographer (AAFT)


Experience :

11 years

About Instructor :

AbhishekGoswami, His professional career as an artist started in 11 years and he didn’t look back. Studied fine art painting from College of Arts, New Delhi and photography from AAFT, Noida. While working as a banker in a prestigious bank, he discovered his passion for painting and photography and decided to leave his well-paying job and started his journey as an artist. He believes every activity or even a thought is an art in itself, it depends upon person to person on their way of doing things, weather you are eating or just looking at anything, you are perceiving it in your way. That very different approach makes you differ from some other person. Weather it is an act or a creation, it could be artistic. If you observe, express, imply & perform as per the real soul you are and when you record the real essence accordingly after enhancing it by your style of methods & by adding your imagination into it, the outcome becomes fantastical.