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Cooking is an art for which you need to be perfect. But how can someone master the culinary arts? Either you have to be born as a chef, or you keep a few points in mind. Today, I'll share all these essential points with you.


Practice makes the man perfect. Everyone is aware of the fact that the more you practice, the better you get. So, please don't give up. Give it all it needs and prove yourself in the kitchen.


Planning is the key, my friend. Plan ahead, what you're going to try, what ingredients you'll need, what staples you're going to use, etc. This will help you manage your time and not burn your dish while searching for the spices.

Start with Some Standard Recipes

You can't be a beginner and cook Lou Fassum on your first try! Try some basic recipes like pasta first and try to master them. Once you master these recipes, go for some more difficult ones.

The Right Tools

Better tools make better food. You have to keep your tools in good shape if you want to be a master chef. You also need to pick the right tools for you, for instance, a knife that you're comfortable working with.

Take Your Time

Take it slow, don't rush. When it comes to cooking, patience is a virtue. You have to be patient while cooking, for instance, patiently adding spices one by one instead of just dumping in all at once.

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