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You may have read plenty of articles and have watched dozens of YouTube videos on how to shed pounds in months. You try all the diets, but either you see no good results, or you lack nutrients. Here's how you can have a balanced diet that'll help you achieve your goal.

Have a Protein-Rich Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal that you can not afford to skip. Eggs are rich in protein, and adding it to your breakfast can do miracles. Add some veggies to your egg. The protein not only helps you shed pounds but will also keep you at bay from unhealthy snacking.

Don't Drink Your Calories!

Does your so-called energy drink provide energy? Sports drinks that claim to boost your energy are high in calories that you can't afford to intake if you want to lose weight.

Stay Hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated. Besides, it's all the other benefits; drinking enough water throughout the day can help you maintain a healthy weight. Dehydrated people are more likely to be obese than hydrated ones. You don't need to wait to feel thirsty and it is a sign of dehydration. So, drink a lot of water that you don't feel thirsty in the first place. Water rich fruits also helps in keeping yourself hydrated.

Avoid Added Sugar

Sugar is poison if consumed too much, and if you're planning to shed some pounds, sugar is not your thing, my friend. Added sugar, especially in drinks like sodas,  is drastically higher in calories and can add some pounds to your body weight. Higher in take of added sugar might increase the risks of high blood pressure,inflammation and diabetes.

Consume less Sodium

An average human body needs 15000 mg of Sodium per day, but most of us consume much more than this. The more Sodium you intake, the more you'll crave sugar. So try consuming as much Sodium as required. The principle benefit of in taking less sodium is that it reduce blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack.

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