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Modern Acupressure & bioPhysics

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3 days workshop for Modern Acupressure & BioPhysics

(20th, 22th, 24th Sep) - 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM





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what you learn to earn?

1. Why we fall sick.

2. Easy Diagnosis, Root Cause Based, Organ Diagnosis Vs. Disease Diagnosis.

3. Instant Pain Relief

4. You learn to earn respect like a health care professional.

5. You learn to be scientific and result oriented

6. Understand commonly occurring diseases & management

7. Modernized Natural Health Care: Acupressure-Pressure less, Acupuncture-Needleless

8. Understand “Real” Health Care, looking beyond Sick Care

9. You can treat yourself, family members etc.

10. Save yourself from Surgery/ post-surgery complications

For Whom

1. LifeStyle Diseases, even though not getting results from Hospitals/other means.

2. Pain Management, Stress/Depression, Panic Attack, Obesity.

3. Want to avoid Surgery .

4. Post-surgery complications.

5. Uncurable diseases: Auto Immune, Varicose Vein, Tinnitus etc.

6. Want to get rid of Negative Side Effects of Medicines.

7. Who believe in Prevention

8. Low Immunity , Old age Problems

Post workshop - support

1. Expert guidance on call.

2. Support for setting up centres.

3. Practical exposure at our centers, based on mutual convenience.